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“Bookmark” – A Free Online Creative Workshop & Exhibition For Artists and Writers

Deadline: May 31st

An online workshop for artists who want to revise their work, think of it differently and create new art and turning this scenario into a growth full experience for their work.
This workshop takes its name from an almost archaic piece of paper or as a page-marker for a book.

Einat Moglad

This is a useful way to mark a spot to which you wish to come back to and move on from. I see this as a metaphor of an ongoing artistic process of learning and revising while being open to the future to unfold.

The concept of this workshop asks you to examine what the important points to mark on, or to dwell upon in your creations as well as how to move on from that point on.

During this time of covid 19I belive that this could be a great opportunity to reflect and bookmark what it is you would like to take with you onward.

How the online workshop is going to operate:
1. You will join an online working group for 3 weeks. The group is a secret group on Facebook.

2. In this group you will be provided with guidance on the different exercises of the workshop as well as have a chance to have discussions about your process and questions that rise during our activity as well as be able to share your work, reflect and converse with other artists worldwide.

3. Enjoy group exercises which you can do at your own time in the artistic medium of your choice.

4. Since this is a “bookmark” workshop we will also play with the relationship between texts, words and art and examine how these different artistic mediums can influence and expand what we see and learn about our work.

5. You will receive a specific exercise designed for you, that exercise will be designed to help you to explore new terrain of your art in order to take a new leap into the unknown and see what just might be that new chapter in your art.

6. At the end of our 3 weeks together you will have an additional 2-3 weeks to finish your work and prepare it for an online exhibition on the Emergence Art Space website  Emergence Art Space, which is supporting this project, is an international art organization based in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to foster cross cultural dialogue and understanding through art.

Only artists who are active members of the workshop and follow the process of the workshop showing excellence in their work will be eligible to submit their work for the online exhibition.

If you like what you see here, click the link below and apply for the workshop!

Please register here: “BOOKMARK” – Open Call

Hope to see you there!