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Einat Moglad is a contemporary Israeli Artist and art therapist.

She completed her M.A. in “Art Therapy” from the Haifa University  2013.

Einat holds a Bachlor Degree in Arts and education Cum Laude from Hamidrasha Beit-Berl College in 2011.

From 2011 Einat has displayed dozens of her works in exhibitions and galleries across Israel and around the world (including the UK, NYC and other locations in Europe) as well as participated in festivals and  residencies in Israel and  abroad.

Einat debutted  her solo exhibition “Edges” at Machon Hamayim soon after her graduation exhibition.

Einat is also the driving force behind the project “Scribble it Down” which focuses on collaborative experimental art  since 2012.

The project has received several awards and grants from the EAS organization in California.

Einat is infatuated with art, nature, people and Japan culture. If she isn’t hard at work creating and contributing to art projects and you will most likely find her with her family or finding inspiration surfing the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo by: Rei Dishon at Tel Aviv Museum of the arts