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Scribble it Down

Scribble it Down

Scribble it Down is an international experimental art collaboration for artists worldwide. Founded by Einat Moglad in 2012. The project has held dozens of exhibitions online and in galleries around the world.  The project received several grants and prizes from EAS organization based in California. The project has tested its ideas and values on different types of artistic expression and had many artists take part from all different parts of the world.

Scribble it Down project aims at creating a new artistic dialogue between artists who work together in forming a mutual creation through the Scribble it Down methodology and values.

The project tries to promote tolerance and the building of connections between views and opinions. To form new bridges of understanding between different cultures and experiences.

The project views each participant as a valuable voice that needs to be heard and presented in a collaborative context.The project tries to support the different artists both as unique individuals as well as an organic group that is different each time due to the diverse nature of its participants.

Ron Delgado > Dorit Stern > Anita Rodriguez > Inbal Hoffman