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PINK LIQUID – Debut performance

Upcoming! The performance PINK LIQUID would be presented for it’s first time ever  in Body-Liquid-Women Show Curated: Savion at The Zimmer Theater Tel Aviv March 14th

Draw My Song

A commission work. I was asked to turn a musician’s favorite song to an art work. My work is titled “I Will Root for You”. How do you think the song that inspired it sounded like? 🙂

Draw my DREAME

A commissioned work to draw someone’s dream. I must say that it was one of my favorite commissions! I think drawing someone else’s dream is my calling in life!

Kurt, The One And Only!

Kurt, the one and only! A commission work that brought me back to my teenage days. How I loved raging to his voice and music. I am truly moved that he is still in people’s heart to this day.