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Scribble it Down

sound art- sonorous


‘Scribble It Down’ presents ‘Sonorous’

featuring artists from the UK, Germany, France, Malta, Macedonia, US, Indonesia and Israel and curated by Hagai Izenberg.See more here

Having dealt only with visual art till now, the ‘Scribble It Down’ project has streamlined its methodology and spirit into the world of music and sound. This attempt called for a new definition of the workflow and creating a new approach from the ground up.

Musicians and sound artists were invited to work  collectively in digital format while embedding their individual artistic style into singular pieces.

Through a sequential process, two groups of 4 artists worked together to create the musical pieces. Each artist contributed 30-60 seconds to a digital file, then transferred the result to the next artist, until each participant of the group had contributed to each piece.

On every iteration the artists were given complete artistic freedom to manipulate any of the files received from the previous participant, as well as to add their own recordings and sounds.

Sonorous establishes new forms of workflow between artists, and a unique creative process for working on a sound piece.

“Not knowing what will happen with your recordings as the next person gets them and works with them is both refreshing and intimidating.” Hagai Izenberg