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Artist Statement

My art draws much of its ideas from the world of psychology. Being both an artist and an art therapist I try to build a bridge between these two worlds.

I am infatuated with the concept of archetype imagery. Archetypes are images that hold an ancient and significant meaning for many cultures. This imagery is spiritual in its basis and has an important role in delivering knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next. 

For that is why I focus a lot on the imagery of animals, plants, natural scenery as well as motherhood and its life cycle. These images have become archetypes due to their strong contribution to deep elements that make up the human psyche.

I also tend to add modern, urban landscape imagery to work in order to connect the past meanings to our modern existence and experiences.

I find that art is a spiritual act and a discovery of our inner world.
By my artwork I try to build the accurate and mysterious atmosphere for the viewer to enter different and unknown realms within his\her soul.

I find that observing my own work is different from watching through a “window”. It is more rooted in psychological concepts such as the Winicotian Potential Space. The Winicotian Potential space is a space that holds both the legendary, mythical and the imaginary world as it is able to co-exist with reality. This space is also where creativity flourishes and imagination thrives. The ability to stay in this unique space, view it and experience it allows the viewer to visit new worlds within him/her selves and hopefully gain a deeper level of internal understanding.