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Scribble it Down

digital media


Scribble it Down started and remains focused on the digital domain of communcation and art creation. It helps to form new collaborations between artists as well as scholars and scientists (The Artist’s Laboratory)

The digital media goes hand in hand with Scribble it Down values as it strives to continue to be a bridge for transferring ideas and cultures through artistic creation.

The project presents its artworks created by new and upcoming artists  in Emergent artists Space where the sequential process is kept and all artworks are considered as equal and worthwhile.

You are welcome to visit a few of our online shows Parallel Lives exhibition and  Realm Exhibition.

Scribble it Down is proud to host many artist from around the world to a mutual creation and investigation of collaborative work through the medium of digital media for many more years.

You can hear one of our participating artists: Jayeti Battecharia speak of her experience on Scribble it Down.

art by: Jayeti Bhattacharya.Madeeha Iqbal, Marco Gavrilovic, Roney-Leigh Dubnov
Jayeti Bhattacharya > Madeeha Iqbal > Marco Gavrilovic >Roney-Leigh Dubnov Raz