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Projects & Exhibitions

Arna residency


ARNA was another chance to explore my deep infatuation with nature and birds. I wanted to better understand how nature is still relevant in our modern life and what is the meaning of going out to the “wilderness“.

I took this time to figure out more about rural life during my stay in ARNA where I received a housing and studio as well as assistance in understanding the local lifestyle and natural habitat.

It was a chance to explore the different connections the community that revolved around that area while taking my impressions into the studio.

I found that nature life holds a key to basic aspects of art and exploration. Nature is the first “Art teacher” one can have in his/hers  life.

During my conversations with my hosts, I liked the spiritual and mystical approach they held towards nature. A phrase that was repeated several times was that “when one goes outdoors, one can see and experience god”. That dramatic statement became more and more clear to me during my stay and as I spend more time traveling the region.

Living the slow life on the outskirt of Sweden got me deeper into what today is usually referred to as ecological lifestyle. It provided me with a better understanding for the primal imperative to look out for our environment.

This imperative is so basic it tends to get lost in our urban lifestyles.