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Scribble it Down

Scribble it down in Hanina Gallery - Gallery Game


Scribble it Down in Hanina was led in collaboration between Einat Moglad and Shira Tabechnic. Shira is a member of the collaborative gallery Hanina and was excited to invite her colleagues in the gallery to participate in a Scribble It Down type activity to form new art and to play with the role the gallery had in their lives.

Both Einat and Shira wanted to explore the boundaries of the gallery space, turning it into an active open to the public studio. A place where artists who are members of Hanina can collaborate with each other in a whole new way, as well as have a chance to invite new and talented artists to participate in the gallery in the spirit of ever changing shows and artistic variation that the Hanina gallery has set for itself as one of its key actions in the Israeli art scene.

The gallery was transformed into a place where an artist could change another colleague’s artwork. Everyone had a freedom to use the space in any way they wanted for a fair and equal amount of time. Every step of the way was documented via Shira’s photos. At the end of each session, Shira would meet, talk and take picture of the art and artists in the gallery and see how things have developed in the gallery.
This activity raised many questions:

When is an art mine?

What is my artistic signature?

What am I allowed to do?

What are the freedoms I take for myself in the gallery?

How do I find myself creatively in someone else’s work and environment? 

The show was a surprising collaboration among the Hanina artists and guest artists. It formed a new and refreshing change for the the gallery.

It was very interesting to see how some artists allowed themselves to play with the blurred lined of this “Game” allowing themselves to play with the concept of authorship and ownership. I believe that pushing this boundary further can bring artists together into a new dialogue and understanding of each others work.

Photos by: Shira Tabachnik