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runaway explorers


Kerstin, the curator of this project created small rag-dolls out of handmade, old and traditional Swedish textiles. She asked us to take our dolls on a tour of our home surroundings, to let the doll “experience life”. After that experience we were required to “kill” the doll at an as in an unexpected manner which wouldbe a part of its life experience. After the doll’s death it was sent back home to Sweden.

Well… that sounded like a fun and disturbing experience all at the same time!

I named my doll Sarah and wondered what kind of life I wanted to give her…. After some thoughts I figured that the best thing for Sarah was to go on a quest!

“Sarah needs to find her place in the world of arts and crafts from which she was born. She wants to travel far and wide among artists and artworks, to meet new people who can provide her with different answers for her place in the world. Through her experiences with different Israeli artists and their work, she will find herself longing to belong to something of greater importance. Sarah wants to be one with art.”